Financial Facts

How Young Life is Funded
Young Life is a not-for-profit organization.
We work together with businesses, community organizations and churches in many ways; at the same time, we are not officially affiliated with any other organization and receive only a small percentage of our funding needs from corporate groups.
We do not require membership fees or dues from kids attending our events. Therefore, increased attendance and program growth does not translate into increased revenue.

Accordingly, a vast majority of our revenue is generated through donors from individuals. Our work is dependent on their generosity.

We believe that in order to reach kids we must go where they go and enter their world. This is all-important work could not be done without your support. We are grateful for your support. Thank you for all you do to help us reach generations of kids who desperately need to hear a message of hope.
Contact us for an update on our vision and more detailed financial information.

Giving To Young Life
All donations are tax-deductible and can be:
  • Pledged as one-time gifts and/or automatic monthly gifts
  • Processed by check, credit card and electronic fund transfers.
  • Mailed to Young Life Greater New York, 350 W 51st St, New York, NY  10019-6419.
  • Received online by using the link at right.

Current gifts may be made in a variety of ways.

  • Cash gifts are always welcome.
  • Gifts of appreciated securities held for more than one year are tax-deductible for their full value and avoid capital gains tax when transferred directly.
  • Gifts made using retirement plan assets may be appropriate for those over the age of 70½.
  • Gifts of real estate, business interests and many other assets; Significant tax advantages are often available for these types of gifts.


 Deferred gifts may be made in a variety of ways.

  • Bequests can be arranged through your will or living trust.  They may be for a specific amount, for a specific asset, or for all or a percentage of the residue of your estate.  These gifts are deductible for estate tax purposes.
  • Life insurance policies may be transferred to YL. You will receive current tax benefits while providing for the future of YL. Often the value of this type of gift will be larger than the amount invested.
  • Leaving retirement plan assets upon death can avoid both income and estate taxes.
  • A charitable remainder trust can be designed to suit a wide variety of donor situations. The trust distributes funds to charity only after providing income to you and/or others for life or a term of years. You also receive current tax benefits when the trust is established.

“My work in the House Select Committee of Children, Youth and Families brought me in daily contact with the problems and pressures that today’s youth face.  Among all the programs designed to address their problems, Young Life is one of the few that works. I have seen troubled lives turned around and young people gain self-esteem, self-respect, love for one another, and most importantly, love of God.”
   - U.S. Senator Dan Coates



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